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Photo Index of Portraits

This photo index features portraits and other photos relating to my ancestors. They are sorted alphabetically by last name of the photo’s subjects. Underlined names are from my husband’s family.

Last Update: September 2012


Ellen Adams

Ellen Adams (Married Name: Stewart) 1848-1932


Benjamin J. Blair

Benjamin Jurd Blair 1856 (Approximately)-1934


Loranza Blair (b. 1890)

Loranza “Ranzy” Blair 1890-1953


Carl Borg

Carl Borg 1858-1938


Juliana Borg        Juliana Ingeborg Borg

Juliana Ingeborg Borg (Married Name: Brinck) 1899-1979


Carl Edward Brinck (b. 1865)

Carl Edward Brinck 1865-1918


Elin Fredrika Brink (Age 85, 1972)

Elina Fredricka Brinck (Married Name: Holmstrom) 1887-1979


Fritz Brinck with his Son

Fritz Hjalmar Brinck 1880-1918


Gerda Brinck Age 16

Gerda Brinck (Married Name: Larsson) Abt. 1882-1976


Gertrude Marcila Brinck (b. 1891)

Gertrude Marcila Brinck (Married Name: Eklund) 1891-1985


Edwin Sidney Broussard (b. 1874)

Edwin Sidney Broussard 1874-1934


Robert Foligny Broussard (b. 1864)

Robert Foligny Broussard 1864-1918


John Brown

John Brown 1770-1845


Mary Ann Brown         Mary Ann Brown

Mary Ann Brown (Married Name: Pulsipher) 1798-1886


George Burton (b.1875)

George Burton 1875-1944


James Ransom Burton (Abt 1968)  James Ransom Burton

James Ransom Burton 1905-1969


Marlan James Burton

Marlan James Burton 1930-1963


Rasmus Hansen, Annie Caspersen & Children

Anne Caspersen (Married Name: Hansen) 1835-1905


Salvadore Cusanza

Salvadore Cusanza 1915-1995


Nellie Devore

Nellie Devore (Married Name: Blair) 1888-Unknown


Gaspar & Katherine Reina Palmisano & Kids

Catterina (Katherine) Reina (Married Name: Palmisano) 

Approximately 1887-Unknown


John Edman   John Nils Edman

John Nils Edmand (Adopted Name: Brinck) Abt. 1893-1975


John N. Edman (b. 1926)

John N. Edman 1926-2004


Catherine Jane Evans (b. 1893)   Catherine Jane Evans   Catherine Jane Evans (b. 1893)

Catherine Jane Evans (Married Name: Larsen) 1893-1970


Hannah Evans (b. 1829)

Hannah Evans (Married Name: Phillips) 1829-1897


Hayden Evans    Hayden Evans (b. 1897)

Hayden Evans 1897-1935


Martha Evans 1872-1923        Martha Evans (b. 1872)

Martha Evans (Married Names: Evans & Phillips) 1872-1923


Mary Catherine Evans (b. 1863)

Mary Catherine Evans (Married Name: Richards) 1863-1952


Richard Thomas Evans      Richard Thomas Evans

Richard Thomas Evans 1866-1900


William Isaac Evans (b. 1891)

William Isaac Evans 1891-1907


Garnetta Eyre Dotson

Garnetta Eyre (Married Name: Dotson) 1912-1991


George Hopkin Eyre 

George Hopkin Eyre 1866-1947


Sarah Fairchild

Sarah Fairchild (Married Name: Brown) 1771-1855


Peter Fish (b. 1905)

Peter Fish 1905-1979


Annie Hansen (b. 1866)

Annie Hansen (Married Name: Hammon) 1866-1950


Bodil Hansen

Bodell (Bodil) Hansen (Married Name: Nielsen) 1857-1925


Emma Hansen (b. 1880)

Emma Hansen (Married Name: Meservy) 1880-1937


Hannah Hansen (b. 1869)  Marlan James Burton, Hannah Hansen, Loa Rae Burton, Kent Smith Burton, Mary Gwen Burton

Hannah Hansen (Marries Name: Smith) 1869-1950


Rasmus Hansen

Rasmus Hansen 1822-1885


Chester Kise Haskell 

Chester Kise Haskell 1832-1899


George Niles Haskell 

George Niles Haskell 1795-1883


Mary Elizabeth Haskell

Mary Elizabeth Haskell (Married Name: Petersen) 1889-1973


Rozilla Huffaker

Rozilla Huffaker (Married Name: Pulsipher) 1837-1856


Keziah Jane Jones

Keziah Jane Jones (Married Name: Stewart) 1855-1905


Leonard C. Larsen

Leonard Clarence Larsen 1887/8-1947


May Matlock

May Matlock (Married Name: Edman) 1905-Unknown


John Parkin (b. 1882)

John Henry Parkin 1882-1943


John Henry Parkin (b. 1950)

John Henry Parkin 1950-1972


Marinus Petersen

Marinus Parley Petersen 1885-1973


Soren Marinus Pedersen (Age 51, 1903)

Soren (or Sorn) Marinus Petersen (or Pedersen) 1852-1943


Curtis Petersen

Curtis Haskell Petersen 1917-1999


Annabell Phillips    Annabell Phillips (b. 1902)

Annabell Phillips (Married Name: Fish) 1902-1982


Evan Phillips (b. 1905)

Evan Phillips 1905-1918


Naomi Phillips (b. 1912)    Naomi Phillips (1912-1976)

Naomi Phillips (Married Names: Pulsipher & Parkin) 1912-1976


John Parkin (b. 1882) & Mary Plant (b. 1885)

Mary Cornelia Plant (Married Name: Parkin) 1884 (Approximate)-1958


Charles Pulsipher

Charles Pulsipher 1830-1915


Charles Pulsipher born 1857

Charles Pulsipher 1857-1931


John Pulsipher

John Pulsipher 1827-1891


Keith Pulsipher        Keith Pulsipher Age 16

Keith Phillips Pulsipher 1935-1986


Laurie Sue Pulsipher Age 3        Laurie Pulsipher Baran

Laurie Sue Pulsipher (Married Name: Baran) 1959-1997


Mariah Pulsipher

Mariah Pulsipher (Married Name: Burgess) 1822-1892


Mary Ann Pulsipher

Mary Ann Pulsipher (Married Name: Terry) 1833-1913


Sarah Ann Pulsipher Sarah Ann Pulsipher Sarah Ann Pulsipher

Sarah Ann Pulsipher (Married Name: Alger) 1824-1909


William Pulsipher (son of Zerah)

William Pulsipher 1838-1880


William Afton Pulsipher II (Age 4)        William Afton Pulsipher (b. 1958)

William (or Bill) Afton Pulsipher II 1958-2009


       Zerah Pulsipher                Zerah Pulsipher

Zerah (or Zera) Pulsipher 1788/1789-1872


 Augusta Maria Ramberg (Early 1900s)   Augusta Maria Ramberg (Abt 1927)

Augusta Maria Ramberg (Married Name: Brinck) 1860-1929


Gaspare Reina

Gaspare Reina Unknown-Possibly 1948


Sariah Robbins

Sariah Eliza Robbins (Married Name: Pulsipher) 1838-1921


Jane Sant & Brothers  Jane Sant

Jane Sant (Married Name: Smith) 1846-1918


Mabel Smith   Mabel Smith (Abt 1968)

Mabel Smith (Married Name: Burton) 1908-2001


Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith 1835-1909


Thomas Smith

Thomas Smith 1854-1885


William P. Smith

William P. Smith 1810-1893


Fredricka Soderholm

Fredricka Soderholm (Married Name: Brinck) 1842-1927


Joseph Steckler (b. 1870)

Joseph Steckler 1870-1950


Urban Van Stewart   Urban Van Stewart   Urban Van Stewart

Urban Van Stewart 1817-1898


Maria Tessitore

Maria (Mary) Tessitore (Married Name: Venezia) 1895-1969


Jane Thomas (b. 1841)

Jane Thomas (Married Name: Evans) 1841-1913


Angelina Venezia

Angelina M. Venezia (Married Name: Cusanza) 1915-2003


Caroline Venezia

Caroline Venezia (Married Name: Pecoraro) Approximately 1917-1954


Guiseppe Venezia

Guiseppe (Joseph) Venezia 1889-1960


Johanna Venezia 2

Johanna Venezia (Married Name: Cadaro) Approximately 1918-1981


Josie Venezia (Communion or Confirmation)

Josephine Venezia (Married Name: Mustacchia) 1921-1992


Martin Venezia

Martin A. Venezia 1920-1945

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