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George Burton


George Burton (b.1875) 

Birth: 2 or 7 June 1875 in Bountiful, Utah, USA

Death: 4 March 1944 in Box Elder County, Utah, USA



George Burton was a first generation American. His parents were from England but George was born and raised in Utah. His parents were George Burton (9 June 1837-31 March 1891) and Mary Ann Johnson (20 June 1845-1 May 1898). He had six siblings, all of which were born in the covenant.

On 17 June 1883, George was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and on 21 August 1901 he received his endowment.

On 13 October 1898 he married Mary Elizabeth Ransom (26 September 1880-31 October 1964) who had also been raised in Utah by English parents. They were married in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Together, they had thirteen children: Ethel Burton, George Ransom Burton, Mary Burton, James Ransom Burton, William Ransom Burton, Vera Burton, Orella Burton, Rulon Ransom Burton, Mildred Burton, Elvina Burton, Willis Ransom Burton, Lincoln Ransom Burton and Delma Burton.

In 1917, George signed up for the United States military draft for World War I. These cards give some indication of what he may have looked like, describing him as a tall, slender man with blue eyes and brown hair.

George Burton Death Certificate

George died in 1944. He was a shepherd and died due to an accident he sustained from falling off of a horse while working. He was transported back to Idaho (from Utah, where he died) where he was buried. He and his wife were buried in Cleveland, Idaho, USA.

Burton FamilyGeorge Burton's Grave

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