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Mary Ann Brown


Mary Ann Brown



Born: 2 March 1799 in Kent, Connecticut, USA

Died: 7 May 1886 in Hebron, Utah, USA




Mary’s parents were John Brown (27 February 1770-3 February 1845) and Sarah Fairchild (6 March 1771-14 October 1855).

Mary was raised in a family that honored religion. As a child, she moved to Pennsylvania with her parents. They always welcomed preachers of all Christian sects into their home and at the age of 13 she joined the Methodist church.

It was while she lived in Pennsylvania that she met and married Zerah Pulsipher. Their wedding was in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania on 18 August 1815.

Years later, she and her husband moved to New York where they heard about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 1832 they were baptized by Jared Carter and Zerah was ordained to preside over the church in their area.

As Mary and Zerah traveled with the Saints from state to state, they experienced hardships and persecution, losing family members along the way. However, because of their faithfulness they were able to receive their ordinances and help build Kirtland and Nauvoo temples.

Pulsiphers in Hebron

Once in Utah, she went with her husband and sons to help settle Hebron, Utah. She was very pleased with the peaceful life she and her family were able to lead in Hebron.

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Mary Ann Brown was buried in Hebron, Utah with numerous members of her family.

Mary Ann Brown

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