Monday, July 19, 2010

Benedict Pulsipher


Birth: About 1639 in England

Death: 10 April 1695 in Massachusetts, America

Benedict (or Benedictus) was the first Pulsipher to arrive in America, and possibly the first “Pulsipher” in the world. While it is suspected that his father was Benjamin Pulsipher (born in about 1614 in Ireland), it is hard to trace the family any further back due to confusions about the name. While it was a mystery for a long time, recent years have suggested that the family was originally the Pulford family, but changed their name upon reaching America (or just before) to escape association with the Puritans in England that had just beheaded Charles I. Additionally, throughout the years, the name has adapted many different spellings (including Pulcipher, Pulsifer, Pulcifer, etc.).

Benedict was married to his second wife, Susanna A. Waters (1 February 1649-21 December 1726) in February of either 1673 or 1674 in Ipswich, Massachusetts, America. His first wife’s name is unknown, but he married her a few years before coming to America.

Benedict and Susanna had several children: Richard Pulsipher, William Pulsipher, Susanna Pulsipher (died as a child), Joseph Pulsipher, Jonathan Pulsipher, Johanna Pulsipher (Jonathan’s twin), Susanna Pulsipher, Elizabeth Pulsipher, David Pulsipher and Margret Pulsipher.

Benedict had other children with his first wife, as well, however their records are not as clear. These children include: Benedict Pulsipher Junior and John Pulsipher.

Benedict was considered well educated for the time.

He lived out the rest of his life as a farmer in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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