Monday, July 26, 2010

David Pulsipher


Birth: 27 September 1685 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts

Death: After 1720 in Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts

David was the son of Benedict (or Benedictus) Pulsipher (1639-1695) and Susanna A. Waters (1649-1726).

He grew up with his farming parents in Colonial Massachusetts, where he eventually met Susanna (whose maiden name is unknown). He and Susanna were married in Salem, Massachusetts between 1695 and 1708.

The couple had six children together, all while living in Boston. They were: David Pulsipher (b. 7 May 1708), Susannah Pulsipher (b. 19 November 1710), Margaret Pulsipher (b. 6 July 1712), Joseph Pulsipher (b. 27 December 1713), Elizabeth Pulsipher (b. 11 February 1717) and Abigail Pulsipher (b. 27 November 1720).

David was sailor in Boston, Massachusetts, likely of merchant vessels.


  1. I think there might be a mistake here because his kids as listed are all born before he was married in 1740.
    Also, is it suspicious that his wife has the same name as his mom?
    The Pulsiphers reuse names so much it seems hard to tell one generation from the other.

  2. David and Benedict’s wives definitely had the same name. It seemed to be very popular seeing as they even named their daughter’s Susanna. Both Susanna wives appear in town documents.

    That date though was for sure wrong. Seeing as the death dates I saw for them were wrong as well (this David did not die in 1775), it makes sense that this one was quite a bit off as well.