Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mrs. Susanna Pulsipher


Birth: 1691 in Boston, Massachusetts

Death: After 1727 in Boston, Massachusetts

So little is known about Susanna that even her parents and maiden name remain a mystery. While it is possible that her father may be Francis Loude (born about 1665 in Ipswich, Massachusetts), a firm link has yet to be proved.

She and David Pulsipher married between 1700 and 1710. The couple had six children together, all while living in Boston. They were: David Pulsipher (b. 7 May 1708), Susannah Pulsipher (b. 19 November 1710), Margaret Pulsipher (b. 6 July 1712), Joseph Pulsipher (b. 27 December 1713), Elizabeth Pulsipher (b. 11 February 1717) and Abigail Pulsipher (b. 27 November 1720).

In 1727, Susanna received a license to sell hard drinks in Boston (from “Boston Selectmen’s Minutes, 1716 to 1736”).

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