Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Susanna A. Waters


Birth: 1 February 1649 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts

Death: 21 December 1726 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts

Susanna was born to Richard Waters (1604-1676) and Joyce Plaise (1616-1697), who were both colonists in Salem, Massachusetts from England.

Susanna and Benedict (of whom she was the second wife) were married in Ipswich, Massachusetts around 1673 and had many children together: Richard Pulsipher, William Pulsipher, Susanna Pulsipher (died as a child), Joseph Pulsipher, Jonathan Pulsipher, Johanna Pulsipher (Jonathan’s twin), Susanna Pulsipher, Elizabeth Pulsipher, David Pulsipher and Margret Pulsipher.

Town records have shown that she broke the laws of her town to wear beautiful clothing (silk hoods and scarves) to church. In Puritan settlements this was considered vanity. She was arrested, tried and fined ten schillings.

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