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Urban Van Stewart


Urban Van Stewart


Birth: 9 November 1817 in Overton, Tennessee, USA

Death: 25 December 1898 in Grover, Wayne, Utah



Urban was born to William Stewart (October 1788-April 1837) and Elizabeth Van Hooser (died 21 August 1842). As a youth, his family lived in Tennessee, Illinois and Missouri.

It was in Missouri where his family learned of and joined the Mormon faith. He was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on 15 July 1836 by Seymour Brunson in Log Creek near Far West, Missouri.

It was in the same place that he met and married Lydia Gage Jacobs a year later (1837). Together, they had three children: Edna Stewart, Henry Stewart and Urban Jacobs Stewart.

The family continued to move to get away from mob persecution until they wound up in Nauvoo in 1841. Here, Urban spent much of his time working on the Nauvoo Temple.

In September of 1847, he and his large family had reached Utah. On their journey, they were able to bring farm equipment and plenty of extra supplies.

On 21 May 1854, Urban Married his second wife, Elizabeth Luck. They had six children: Van Stewart, Levi Stewart, Rosanna Elizabeth Stewart, Sarah Van Hooser Stewart and Eunice Ann Stewart. Urban and Elizabeth also adopted a son named Joseph Stewart.

On 11 March 1860, Urban married Mary Ann Jones. The couple had ten children together: Mary Jane Stewart, Liza Ann Stewart, Martha Ellen Stewart, William Urban Stewart, Daniel Jones Stewart, Margaret Caroline Stewart, Robert Charles Stewart, George Heber Stewart, Lewis Jenkins Stewart and Clara Bell Stewart.Ellen Adams

On 14 July 1865, he married Ellen Adams (pictured right). Urban and Ellen had ten children together: Mary Ellen Stewart, David James Stewart, Urban Van Stewart, John Riley Stewart, Lydia Catherine Stewart, Andrew Adams Stewart, Rosa May Stewart, Levi Stewart, Effie Elizabeth Stewart and Walter Ernest Stewart.


Urban Stewart and Keziah Jane Jones In July of 1870, Urban married his fifth wife, Keziah Jane Jones (pictured left), with whom he had three children: Margaret Stewart, Edward Stewart and Susan Stewart.

Throughout the rest of his life, he was asked to settle in different parts of Utah to help build cities and settle newcomers.

The LDS Biographical Encyclopedia calls Urban  Van Stewart, “a man of sterling qualities, a strict observer of the Word of Wisdom and a faithful Latter-day Saint.”

Urban was buried in the Grover Cemetery in Wayne County, Utah with his fourth wife, Ellen Adams.

Grave of Urban Van Stewart and Ellen Adams


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  1. Very good post on Urban Van Stewart. Just want to let you know that the son adopted by Urban Van and his second wife Elizabeth Luck was her son by a previous marriage.

  2. Urban Van Stewart is buried in the Grover, Wayne County, Utah Cemetery. You have posted the photo I took with my own camera that was uploaded to Find a Grave. Urban Van Stewart is my ancestral grandfather as well.