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George Hopkin Eyre


George Hopkin Eyre



Birth: 22 April 1866 in Minersville, Utah, USA

Death: 28 July 1947 in Milford, Utah, USA




George was the son of George Eyre (8 April 1838-8 October 1916) and Rebecca Hopkins (1 March 1832-19 March 1923). While his parents were from England he was raised in Utah with his siblings.

In 1875, George was baptized by  Robert Easton and was ordained as a deacon a few years later.

On 16 August 1885, George Hopkin Eyre married Emma Amanda Walker (28 October 1866-28 April 1930). Together, they had many children, including: Althea Amanda Eyre, George Ruel Eyre, Frank Eyre, Idonna Eyre, Emma Augusta Eyre, Clara Merle Eyre, Alta Eyre, Golden Walker Eyre, Hilda Eyre, Lola Rebecca Eyre and Gladys Eyre.

Information about the sealing of George Eyre and Emma Walker do not match, however it is likely that they were sealed on 21 November 1889 in the Saint George Utah Temple.

From 1886 to 1889, he served a mission in New Zealand and Australia, where he was president of the Gisborne and Wairarapa districts.

On 21 November 1889, James G. Bleak ordained George as an elder. J. Golden Kimball ordained him to the seventy (he was in the 12 quorum) and David O. McKay ordained him to be a high priest and set him apart as a councilor in the bishopric. Later, he also served as the president of the twelfth quorum of the seventy and was in charge of the Sunday school program in Minersville. 

On 12 April 1917, David O. McKay set him apart as a bishop of the Minersville, Utah Ward.

George Hopkin Eyre's Grave 

George and Emma are buried in Minersville, Utah, USA, where they both spent most of their lives.

Much information about the life of George Hopkin Eyre comes from the “Latter-Day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia” Volume 3.

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