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Julianna Ingeborg Borg

Juliana Ingeborg

Born: 28 May 1899 in Stockholm, Sweden

Died: 6 April 1979 in Los Angeles, California, USA

Ingeborg (as she went by) was born in Sweden in 1899. Her parents were Carl Borg (20 February 1858-27 January 1938) and Anna Maria Johansson (22 September 1858-26 April 1905).

When she was 21, Ingeborg left her home, taking a ship to the United States. Arvid Brinck had paid her way, and she quickly joined him in Utah.

Passenger List for Juliana Ingeborg Borg

For the past year, my mother has been calling my great grandmother to learn more about her life and the lives of others related to her. Julianna Ingeborg Borg is my great-great grandmother.

In a Mothers’ Day blog post, my mother wrote:

My maternal grandmother’s mother, Ingaborg [she went by her middle name], was Swedish. She was a great seamstress. During the depression she would sew lovely dresses for others, then out of the leftover fabric make beautiful dresses for her daughter. She was talented but also suffered with anxieties and worries that her husband would try to soothe.

Ingeborg was married to Arvid Valfrid Brinck (also a Swede) on 10 March 1921 in Salt Lake, Utah, USA. They had several children together and traveled regularly between Utah and California due to Arvid’s work.

To supplement their income, Ingeborg worked as a seamstress. Here is a photo from 1923 showing Ingeborg at work outside while her child plays on the lawn.

Ingeborg is buried in the Rose Hills Cemetery in Whittier, California, USA with her husband.

To view a tentative four generation pedigree chart for Ingeborg Borg, visit her husband's page:

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