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Chester Kise Haskell


Chester Kise Haskell


Birth: 28 August 1832 in Fairfield, Franklin, Vermont, USA

Death: 19 October 1899 in Payson, Utah, Utah, USA




Chester Kise Haskell was the only son born to George Niles Haskell (1795-1883) and Sally (or Sarah) Elizabeth Runnels (1796-1880). Only a few years after he was born, in about 1838, his mother and two of his sisters were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In 1843, the family moved to Hancock County, Illinois, only a short distance from Nauvoo. Here, Chester and his father were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Emer Harris, early supporter of Joseph Smith, Martin Harris’ brother.

Chester was a farmer. He also took detailed accounts of family records in his personal Bible.

On 12 March 1853, Chester married Lydia Catherine Hawes (1835-1912). The couple had eleven children together: Henry Chester Haskell, James Elijah Haskell, Isadora Haskell, Lydia Catherine Haskell, Arvilla Rozella Haskell, Sariah Lavina Haskell, Lois Ann Haskell, Mary Elizabeth Haskell, Matilda Alvira Haskell, Mabel Maria Haskell and Fidella Haskell. The two were later divorced due to a variety of troubles in the marriage.

Around 1854, Chester and his family left Utah for California where they hoped to become more prosperous in their farming. However, they remained there for only a few years before returning to Utah to settle in Payson, where Chester would live out the remainder of his life.


Chester Kise Haskell's Grave Site

At the age of 60, Chester developed stomach cancer, from which he suffered for many years.

He is buried in the Payson City Cemetery, near his parents and daughter.

After both he and Lydia Hawes had passed away, their children had them re-sealed.


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