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William Austin


Portrait of William Austin


  Birth: 10 March 1800 in Westfield, Chautauqua, New York, USA

  Death: 3 July 1887 in Trenton, Cache, Utah, USA



William Austin was born to William Austin (1769-1858) and Elizabeth Stevenson (1772-1845) in either Chautauqua County or Washington County New York. It appears that soon after his birth, his family moved just across the border to Canada, where his younger siblings were born.

On 1 January 1822, William married Agnes Nancy Nicol in Hammond, New York. They were introduced to and joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints together, on 1 June 1838.

The couple did not have any children, but it appears that they adopted and raised the young Lucinda Shipman (1822-1906), daughter of Olive Lee and Daniel Shipman. While Lucinda was raised by the Austins, her legal name remained Shipman.

Some sources suggest that rather than adopting Lucinda, William married Olive Lee in 1828. This however, is most likely not the case as William was already married at the time (and this was before polygamy was practiced by select memebrs of the LDS church), and Olive was probably married to someone else as well.

The Austin family moved to Nauvoo, Illinois, were William helped in working on the temple. The quote below in from 3 August 1844:

“The new crane was put into operation. This crane was used to raise the stone for the greater portion of the upper north wall. Joshua Armstrong, with his assistant Charles R. Dana, was the principal mason who worked from this crane. The men who attended the crane were William W. Dryer, William Austin and Archibald Hill.”

 Clayton, "Nauvoo Temple History Journal," p. 28.


On 15 June 1846, William Austin married Isabella Nicol, the older sister of Agnes Nicol. This was Isabella’s second marriage. Her first husband, Simeon McIntier (with whom she had eight children), was sent away to fight in the Mexican-American War. Years later, mistakenly thinking that her husband was dead, Isabella married William Austin.

In 1852, William was 52 years old when he made the journey from the Eastern United States to Utah. He and his family traveled with the Robert Wimmer Company. It was during this time that 35 wagons were put under William’s direction. It was also on this journey that his second wife, Isabella Nicol died.

Portrait of Agnes Nicol, William Austin & Agnes McIntire

Left to Right: Agnes Nicol, William Austin and Agnes McIntier

William Austin married Agnes McIntier (the daughter of his second wife Isabella Nicol and her first husband Simeon McIntier) on 15 July 1853. The couple had eight children together: William McIntyre Austin, Maurice Austin, Robert Austin, Agnes Elizabeth Austin, Isabel Catharine Austin, Jannette Amelia Austin, Mary Stevenson Austin and Violet Nicol Austin.

William died in northern Utah, where he was also buried next to his wives, Agnes Nicol and Agnes McIntier.

William Austin's Headstone

It should be noted that in the Mormon Pioneer Database developed as part of, reference is made to an autobiographical sketch written in 1882 referencing (or by) William Austin. This is not available on the internet, but resides in the Salt Lake archives.

Information about Lucinda Shipman:,_1822

William Austin’s Find A Grave Profile:

Below is a tentative four generation pedigree chart for William Austin produced in RootsMagic 4 (click on image to enlarge):

William AUSTIN, Agnes MCINTIER, Maurice AUSTIN, Elizabteh MOFFETT, James MOFFAT, Elizabeth STEVENSON, Andrew STEVENSON, Susanna GORDON, John STEVENSON, Elizabeth WILLCOCKS


  1. Hillary, I love your website! I live in Enterprise, Utah and deal with the rich history of the Pulsiphers and their descendants. My husband is a 2gggrandson of Mary Ann Pulsipher and Thomas Sirls Terry. One of my daughter-in-laws is a descendant of John Pulsipher and Rosilla Huffaker. Thank you for sharing. You have photos that we had not seen before. If I can be of help please contact me: Kathy Simkins Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for your beautiful work. I am trying to put together some family history for my children for Christmas and had a couple questions I was hopeful you could answer. I have looked quite a bit and can only find Simeon Mcintire in the 1850 census as a miner in California. I can't find how he got there or when or when he left, nor anything about him in UT, although one place said he died there in 1871. Do you have any knowledge of him? Also, could you tell me about his wife. I have found her on the pioneer trek data base listed as a Mcintire not Austin in 1852. The Mex-American war started in April 1846, Simeon is not listed with the Mormon Battalion which left in July, so did he go with some other group? Where do you find records of her marriage to Austin in June of that year? and why is she listed as Mcintire as a pioneer? Thank you