Friday, February 11, 2011

Reese Phillips


Reese Phillips (b. 1909)



    Birth: 15 March 1909 in Spanish Fork, Utah, Utah, USA

Death: 9 April 1975 in Utah, USA



Reese Phillips was born in Spanish Fork, Utah to Rees Phillips and Martha Evans. He was raised with his three sisters, two brothers, half sister and two half brothers.

Reese Phillips (b. 1909) & Rees Phillips (b. 1874) Reese and his father, Rees

On 2 December 1931, he married Florence McPhie with whom he had three daughters, including Susan Martha Phillips. His wife, Florence died in about 1940 while the family resided in Wyoming.

Below is a copy of Reese’s obituary:

Reese Phillips' Obituary


  1. Just goes to prove the old saying - "two half brothers doesn't make a whole"

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