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Dominic Cusanza


Birth: 5 May 1890 in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Death: 30 April 1957 in New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Dominic Cusanza’s birth records spell his last name as Cusenza. He was born as the third child to Salvatore Cusenza and Vincenzia Guarnieri in New Orleans. He had one brother, Brase “Paul” Cusenza, and one sister, Anna Cusenza.

Birth Records for Cusenza (Cusanza) Children

This image is from the vital records search at:

By the time the 1900 census was taken, it appears that the Cusenza family had been disbanded. Neither Salvatore nor Vincenzia can be found in the census and each child is recorded in a different location. Anna moved in with her mother’s relatives (uncle Vincent Guarnieri and Aunt Annunciatin Guarnieri Ferrera) in the 3rd Voting Precinct of New Orleans. Her name is spelled Cugenza here, but names, especially foreign names, were commonly misspelled in censuses.

Guarnieri and Cusenza Census

While his birth record indicates that his name was Brase, Dominic’s brother went by the name Paul. He appears to have worked in ocean shipping.

Dominic was likely sent to live at St. Mary’s Catholic Orphan Boys Asylum where he was recorded under the name of Dominic Cusanso. His age is off slightly, but that is yet another issue with antique censuses. This entry is however, the closes and only likely possibility.

Orphan Dominic Cusanza

On 11 February 1915, Dominic married a Giovannina DiGanzi (or something near that). Below is extracted information from their marriage certificate:

Domenic Cusanza & Giovannina DiGanzi

The couple had three children, namely: Salvador Cusanza (b. 1915), Mary T. Cusanza (b. abt 1917) and Josephine Gloria Cusanza (b. 1919), all of which grew up in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Some of their residential addresses include:

  • 1027 Royal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 2011 Desire Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 1810 Bayou Road, New Orleans, Louisiana

1930 Dominic Cusanza & Jennie Diganzi

Dominic died on 30 April 1957 in New Orleans. His wife, Jennie, died about eleven years later in 1968. They are both buried at the Saint Vincent De Paul Cemetery in New Orleans.

Domonick Cusanza & Jennie

To see Dominic’s Find A Grave Memorial Page, please visit the link below:


Below are various photos and documents related to Dominic Cusanza and his family.

World War I Draft Registration Cards for Dominic Cusanza (b. 1890)

Dominic’s WWI Draft Registration (Click to Enlarge)


World War II Draft Registration Card for Dominic Cusanza (b. 1890)

Dominic Cusanza’s WWII Draft Registration


1027 Royal Street, New Orleans

Photo of 1027 Royal Street in 2009 taken by Google User “Mistlethrush”


Desire Street, New Orleans

Photo of 2011 Desire Street from Google Street View, ca 2012


1810 Bayou Road, New Orleans

Photo of 1810 Bayou Road from Google Street View, ca 2012

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