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Reuben Dotson

Birth: 6 October 1781 in either Tennessee or Virginia, USA

Death: 21 January 1854 in French Camp, Attala, Mississippi, USA

Reuben Dotson was born to Elisha Dotson and Rachel Henry. Suspected birth locations include the state of Virginia and Hawkins County, Tennessee.

On 14 October 1805, in Williamson County, Tennessee, Reuben married Nancy Hogan McConnico. The couple had 16 children together named: Mary H. Dotson, Garner H. Dotson, James Madsen Dotson, William W. Dotson, Garner McConnico Dotson, Tabitha T. Dotson, Christopher Samuel L. Dotson, Adeline T. Dotson, Henry Petty Dotson, Elizabeth “Jane” Dotson, Reuben Lafayette Jackson Dotson, David Mason Pitcher Dotson, Martha Nancy Ann Dotson, William Lazarus Hardiman Dotson, Sarah E. Dotson and Almyra Angeline Dotson.

While little is known (so far) about the Dotson family aside from possibility and myth, it is known that Reuben spent his early business years in Franklin, Williamson, Tennessee where it is known that he owned a few slaves.

In 1830, the Dotson family moved to Pickens County, Alabama. After only six years, the family moved to Attala County, Mississippi where they had a homestead consisting of 160 acres of land.

In 1831, the the Dotson family participated in the organization of the Bear Creek Missionary Baptist Church.

Reuben Dotson

Reuben Dotson died in French Camp, Attala County, Mississippi and was buried in the Bear Creek Cemetery in Attala County.

On 15 July 1854, and a notice for the disbursement of Reuben’s estate was printed in an Attala County newspaper called the Southern Sun. It read:

Estate: Notice of Reuben DOTSON estate to Christopher DOTSON, Adaline DOTSON COPELAND & husband John, & the children of James DOTSON deceased.

Reuben Dotson was never a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but upon the arrival of his descendants in the Salt Lake Valley, his ordinances were completed.

This Dotson family is also referenced by the name “Dodson” in genealogical work. Additionally, the names of some of the family’s slaves throughout the years include: Josiah Aaron Dotson (Josia Aaren), Sampson Dotson, Susan Dotson, Hardy, Issac and Tom.

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